Getting Here

Getting here with public transport is easy! Whether you’re coming from Bangkok, Phuket or one of the islands, we have info here to help make your journey to us!

Sunshine Khao Sok Hostel
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The closest airports to Khao Sok are:

  • Surat Thani (URT) — 1.5 hours drive from Khao Sok
  • Phuket (HKT) — 2.5-3 hours drive from Khao Sok
  • Krabi (KVB) — 2 hours drive from Khao Sok

Phuket airport has the most flight options, including many international connections.  Upon arrival at the airport, you can book a private car to pick you up or you can take public transport.


When arriving via public transport, get off at the Khao Sok Bus Stop (this is also where public vans stop). View a Google Map with Directions

Call us when you’re at the bus stop and we’ll send someone to pick you up for free!  Tel: (+66) 085 5700624



Catch an affordable flight from Bangkok to Surat Thani.  From Surat Thani Airport you can easily catch a van to Khao Sok, or we can help arrange a pick-up with a private car.  


You can take an air-conditioned, 2nd class sleeper train, (approximately 800 Baht one-way) to Surat Thani train station. Then, from the train station in Surat Thani, you can take a bus to Khao Sok.  When you have arrived at the train station, exit the front entrance and turn right.  After 30 meters you will see the stop for the  Surat Thani to Phuket bus.  Note: Trains in Thailand can often be delayed, therefore, allow some time to ensure you make your connection.


Several night buses leave Bangkok for Surat Thani every evening (approx. 800-1,100 Baht one-way). As a result, you should be able to catch a bus going all the way to Khao Sok.  Buses leave in the early evening and arrive in the morning.  The Southern Bus Terminal (Sai Tai Mai) has buses that travel to the southern provinces. You find this bus terminal at Phutthamonthon Soi 1 in Bang Ramat, Taling Chan, Northern Thonburi. Call 0 2434 5557-8 or check for more details about the Bangkok bus timetable.  From Surat Thani bus station, you can take a bus or shared van to Khao Sok. 



The Phuket to Khao Sok bus leaves from “Bus Terminal 2” in Phuket town roughly every hour from 7am to 3pm. Board a bus that is heading for Surat Thani, and tell the driver to stop at the Khao Sok bus station. This is the only bus route that goes directly from Phuket to Khao Sok. How far is Khao Sok from Phuket? The travel time is roughly 4 hours by public bus (or 2.5 hours by private car). For a visual aid, please see the Khao Sok map further down this page.


Unfortunately, there is no regional public bus stop at the Phuket Airport. Guests traveling from Phuket Airport to Khao Sok by public bus can:

  • Take a city bus from Phuket Airport to Phuket Bus Terminal 2 in Phuket town and follow the instructions above. It takes 30-45 minutes to reach this terminal from the airport.
  • Reach the nearest regional public bus stop from the airport, and board the bus there. There is a public bus stop on the northbound lane of highway 402, about 5 kilometers from the airport. Reaching this stop can be tricky! Ask airport staff for help finding the right shuttle to this location. Board a Surat Thani-bound bus. Khao Sok is about 45 minutes from Takua Pa.


Unlike Surat Thani or Phuket, there is no direct public transportation by bus from Krabi. However, you can book a shared minivan with Hat Yai World Tour to Khao Sok National Park via most hotels and travel agents. Vans usually leave every day around 9am and 11am (3.5 hours / 450 baht per person). Try to get a van directly to Khao Sok and avoid minivans taking the long detour via Khao Lak.   Take a look a the Khao Sok map to get a sense of difference.



This airport is the closest to our hostel, however there is no reliable public transportation to directly to Khao Sok.  First, you will need to get into Surat Thani town.  Pantip travel has a shared van stop in front of the airport.  These vans will bring you into Surat Thani town for about 100 Baht. Shared vans direct to Khao Sok are sometimes available.  Therefore it’s worth asking for one before heading in to Surat Thani town.  Visit our blog detailing the journey from Surat Thani airport to Khao Sok via public transportation.

Surat Thani town: Public transportation is easy to get from Surat Thani town.  For instance, there are hourly van departures from from the minivan station (250 Baht) every hour between 7am and 5pm. Alternately, buses depart from the public bus station (120 Baht) every hour between 7am and 5pm.  A minivan from Surat Thani to Khao Sok is the fastest option.

Surat Thani train station: When you have arrived in Surat Thani, exit the front entrance and turn right.  After 30 meters you will see the stop for the Surat Thani to Phuket bus (2 hours / 120 Baht). Similarly, at the Wut Travel Agency you can buy tickets for the hourly minivan from Surat Thani to Khao Sok.  Their office is directly across the street from the station and they can be reached at 081 978 3928.  They will call the driver for you, otherwise the van will not stop at the station.


Getting here from the islands of Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao is also simple.  

First, you can take a ferry to Don Sak Pier, 70 km east of Surat Thani town. There are three main ferry companies:

Since one each has their own pier at Don Sak, be sure note which company you are using. After arriving at Don Sak Pier, you have 3 options:

  • Your ferry company can provide a bus transfer to Surat Thani town.  From here you can take a shared van or public bus to Khao Sok.  Ask the staff at the ferry office for details.
  • We can pick you up by private car. Please contact us for prices.
  • Catch a shared van from Don Sak to Khao Sok.  For the specific pickup location, ask the staff at the ferry office.
  • There are reportedly frequent thefts from tourists on the public bus from Don Sak to Surat Thani.  As a result, we advise our guests to avoid this option.